Our Story

Family owned and operated brewery located just north of The Motor Mile in South Austin. Our large vibrant tap room also features a small arcade, upper mezzanine, and a large stage to showcase original tunes and occasional comedy. Chopped & Skewed is our resident food truck featuring Hawaiian- style fare and special dishes. They are open 7 days a week during our business hours. We specialize in high quality, well attenuated lagers and ales that represent our view of “working class beer”. While we may not follow current trends or fads, we focus on beer styles that motivate our creativity. We are constantly brewing different beer styles and perfecting recipes. We believe that’s what makes our beer stand out from the pack. See you soon!”

The Brewer
About the Brewer: Michael Waters – Brewer “In my time as a brewer I have learned beer is not to be underestimated or toyed with. I have also discovered it to be a beautifully simple, pure gift to be honored and respected. It existed before human civilization and wears the crown still. It is a comfort, consoler, evoker of thought, artistic energy, science, and companion. I feel extremely fortunate to be part of such an important enduring tradition. I’ll offer no gimmicks or fads, but instead real, authentic lagers and ales. Working class beer that is steeped in tradition, but not restrained by it. Always with a focus on drinkability.”